Our Farm

As a boy, Chuck spent a great deal of time on his grandfather’s dairy farm in south Louisiana, rising before the sun to assist in milking and other chores. It was there that the love of animals, and the land, was instilled.

Acadiana is a tribute to Chuck’s family, and recalls the Cajun ancestry he and his wife, Karen, share. Acadians were originally French settlers in Eastern Canada. In the 18th century, most Acadians were expelled from Canada by the British, and either returned to Europe or fled to south Louisiana.

Chuck and Karen, spent more than two years searching for just the right spot to locate their new business, Acadiana Alpacas.  They found it near Cartersville, Georgia, a small town just 45 minutes north of Atlanta.  The farm overlooks scenic Pine Log Mountain, and is a picturesque spot to live the country life.

Alpacas are the perfect animals for Chuck and Karen’s farm.  Although alpacas haven’t been in the United States very long, the industry is flourishing thanks to visionary owners and a thriving Alapaca Owners Association.