Foundation Females

We strive to breed the finest grey alpacas.  See our herd for more information about each one of our lovingly-tended animals and learn more about breeding or purchasing from Acadiana Alpacas.






Four Points Orlando’s Rose   ARI# 32744569  DOB 4/21/14   Huacaya, female   medium rose grey

Sire:  Emerald Farm’s Orlando Cloud

Dam:  Crown’s Peruvian Silver Chalice

Service sire:  Annual’s Bea-2 Bomber





Silver Qalypso    ARI# 32849776   DOB 4/27/14   Huacaya, female   dark silver grey

Sire:  Jeremiah’s Quatrain

Dam:  Whistler’s Lotus Blossum

Service sire:  Aussie’s .38 Special




CSAF Patty Wac’s Faberge     ARI# 35219811    DOB 9/9/14   Huacaya, female   medium rose grey

Sire:  Aussie .38 Special

Dam:  Miss Peruvian Nic Nac’s Patty Wac

Service sire:  A Paca Fun Farm’s I am Legend









Hari Lila   ARI# 32243079   DOB 9/10/15   Huacaya, female   medium rose grey

Co-owned with Whister’s Glen Alpacas

Sire:  Emperor’s Spooktacular Boo of FTAF

Dam:  Radharani

Service sire:  Our Peruvian Mucho Dinero






Whistler’s OO LA LA   ARI# 35035428   DOB 8/27/15   Huacaya female   dark rose grey

Sire:  Our Peruvian Mucho Dinero

Dam:  Whistler’s Lotus Blossum

Service sire: Jeremiah’s Quatrain





WP Oksana   ARI# 35167136   DOB 10/22/15   Huacaya, female   light fawn

Sire:  My Peruvian Georgio

Dam:  Bentwood’s Cricket

Service sire:  Emerald Farm’s Orlando Cloud





LMA & Sweet Dream’s Rizer’s Riata   ARI# 32826623   DOB 11/20/14   Huacaya, female   light fawn

Sire:  FDA Event Horizon by Skywalker

Dam:  LMA Bear Claw’s Sugarfoot

Service sire:  Acadiana’s Steel Paladin







Whistler’s Cocoa Pufff   ARI# 32423488   DOB 6/18/13   Huacaya, female   dark brown

Sire: Grand River Columbo

Dam:  Whistler’s Pinkie Tuscadero

Service sire:  Jeremiah’s Quatrain





Heatherbrook’s Rose Petal   ARI# 31030694   DOB 4/25/08   Huacaya, female   medium rose grey

Co-owned with KB Alpacas

Sire:  Legend’s Challenger of KPR

Dam: Condor De Plata 156

Service sire:  A and A & MFI Quixotic






LMA & Woodsong Delta King’s Cupcake   ARI# 32442038   DOB 11/18/11   Huacaya, female   bay black

Sire:  LMFI Peruvian Delta King

Dam:  Fir Cove Juliana

Service sire:  FTAF’s Blackbeard





Oaklawn’s Cheyenne   ARI# 32771220   DOB 7/31/15   Huacaya, female   dark fawn

Sire:  JLFA Millenium’s Pervuvian Ventura

Dam:  Hobby Horse Peruvian Mustang Sally

Service sire:  Treasure Valley’s Tres Equis






Sunburst Peruvian Ciera   ARI# 32405712   DOB 6/29/14   Huacaya, female   bay black

Sire:  Sunburst Peruvian Cavalier

Dam:  Sunburst Peruvian Cheyenne

Service sire:  Jeremiah’s Quatrain





Whistler’s Q T Pie   ARI# 32298406   DOB 9/27/12   Huacaya, female   light rose grey

Co-owned with Whistler’s Glen Alpacas

Sire:  Jeremiah’s Quatrain

Dam:  Dewdrop ITA

Service sire:  A Paca Fun Farm’s I am Legend







SA Tinta Noir   ARI# 35232384   DOB 8/1/15   Huacaya, female   true black

Sire:  Snowmass Silent Legend

Dam: SA Peruvian Pinot Noir

Service sire:   Snowmass Midnight Diamante




Atlanta alpaca farms


Majestic’s Never Say Never   ARI# 35317029   DOB 4/29/15   Huacaya, female   medium fawn

Sire : Jeremiah’s Peruvain Jumanji

Dam:  Miss Not For Sale

Service sire:  Snowmass Stylish Enlightning





Whistler’s Qoquette   ARI# 35035367   DOB 5/7/14   Huacaya, female   medium fawn

Co-owned with Whistler’s Glen Alpacas

Sire:  Jeremiah’s Quatrain

Dam:  Arjuna’s Nandini

Service sire:  Snowmass Stylish Enlightning